“I would like to adorn the women of the world with the elegant beauty of pearls” said the originator of cultured pearls in 1893.

Pearls have won the hearts of people through the ages with their mystery, elegance and stunning beauty the pearl has become something very rare, very fine, very admirable and very valuable.

Hilary Marks Jewelry brings pearls to you in her elaborate and exquisite necklace, earring and bracelet designs.


Pearls come in eight shapes and Hilari uses these wondrous shapes to bring you one of a kind pearl designs, that always get you noticed!

Round pearls are the rarest and most valuable shape, they have to be completely round and in a necklace must all be the same exact shape, then we have button pearls, pear and oval pearls and baroque pearls that make unique and interesting shapes of beauty. They are ideal for stunning jewelry. All of these pearl shapes are fascinating and most special.

Black and white ocean pearls are the most recognized, however, pearls encompass a myriad of colors and tints that can be found in salt water varieties. Colors may include; pink, blue, champagne, green and even purple. To collect enough pearls to form one string of the same shape, shade and size can take many years.


AKITA PEARLS are classic round pearls. This was the first variety of pearl to ever be cultured in the 1900’s, and is the roundest of the pearl varieties known for shape and lustre, synonymous with classic beauty and elegance.


These are the most versatile pearls produced today. Found in every conceivable shape and size from dark purple to light pink, white, and now being color enhanced in the vibrant colors we all love.. Pearls such as these are grown in Japan and other parts of Asia.


These pearls are among the most exotic and most sought after pearls on the market today. The colors of these exotic treasures are completely natural, ranging from dark black, to silver, white, and every color in between. Even sumptuous green and peacock blue can be found.


Now we come to some that are amongst the rarest that exist today. Their warm golden colors are completely natural, originating in Australia, The Philippines and Indonesia.

Jewelry by Hilari is truly unique, where each item is one of a kind. She utilizes lusterous Keishi Pearls, Fresh Water Pearls and Oyster Shell Pearls to create stunning jewelry designs.

Every pearl piece is created with you in mind, made with love and designed to accentuate the individuality, and beauty of every piece. In face it has often been whispered that when wearing a Hilari Marks designed piece, you are projecting your own individuality.


The wonder of pearls has been captivated by famous artists. Girl with a Pearl Earring by Johannes Vermeer 1667.

Woman with a Pearl Necklace by Jan Vermeer 1665.

Queen of Italy, showing one of the most famous pearl collections
by Rosulba Carriera 1740.


THE PEARL FISHERS by George Bizet famous for it’s duet… Au Fond
De Temple Saint.


“THE PEARL,” by John Steinbeck, fiction.

“THE PEARLS,” by Deborah Chester fiction.

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