choosing a necklaceWhat Necklace pairs with a V-Neck, Scoop Neck, or Boat Neck Garment?

I’m often asked how to best complement a woman’s neckline with the right necklace. A beaded necklace or strand of pearls is the perfect way to accent a V-neck, scoop neck, or boat necked dress or other garment. There is such a great variety of beads, stones, crystals, and pearls in beautiful colors that they can match or blend with any ensemble.

For a classy look when dressing for a more sophisticated event, a piece with some sparkle to it would work wonderfully. Many of my designs feature Swarovski crystals for this reason.

Are You Looking for a Necklace for a Strapless Gown?

When wearing a dress with a straight revealing neckline even a subtle necklace will draw the eye towards your bosom, for a desirable effect. I would suggest a strand of pearls, or smaller gems, perhaps a choker.

Of course pendants are always popular, but remember to be a little more discerning in your choice, and go for a more unique piece. So many standard pendants are over played, such as traditional hearts, and star shapes. Wouldn’t you rather stand out, igniting a little extra intrigue in your onlooker perhaps?

There are times when you want to make a statement with large stones, or more elaborate necklaces, and matching accessories. There is also a time to use more finesse in your necklace selection, when wearing a delicate ensemble. For such an outfit try a necklace with smaller stones, and with a simple elegant design. You can even stack several delicate necklaces together, blending different types and lengths can make for an attractive look.

Necklaces for any occasion in Tucson, ArizonaBy choosing necklaces baed upon their style, stone size, sparkle, and color your have the ability to make a bold statement, or to elegantly complement your ensemble.

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