Tucson Women's Jewelry by Hilari MarksHilari Marks blends English panache with desert colors and gem stones to create stunning jewelry designs in Tucson, Arizona. Hilari’s designs are much sought after in boutiques across the country, and only growing in popularity.

If you want to make a bold statement, or elegantly complement your ensemble, then you need look no further than Hilari’s necklaces and accessories.

Hilari Marks began her career in opera, after studying at the Royal Academy of Music in London, England. She married her husband Leon, and together they opened a fine jewelry store in the U.K., where she became fascinated by design and was quickly recognised as the store’s jewery designer. All this while also raising two sons.

From an early age Hilari has enjoyed painting in various mediums, and has a wonderful eye for color. It is often said that this intuitive ability with utilizing color in her designs makes them truly stunning, and exquisite.

Hilari now lives in Tucson, Arizona, with her husband, and inspired by the beauty of the surrounding Sonoran desert designs ladies’ jewelry for many fine stores and boutiques across America.

To truly create unique women’s jewelry, Hilari utilizes her influences, such as travelling to some of the most spectacular places on earth. She captures the sheer brilliance of it all within her combination of design, bead, and stone selection, while pairing it together with the colors of the desert that she loves so much.

Working with pearls, crystal, and all semi-precious stones in gold, and silver, the jewelry designs of Hilari Marks are an array of beauty.